Mixed Hardwoods 15”-18"

Woodchuck Firewood

$ 134.99

Smaller and larger quantities can be order call for that price.
Price above is based on a stack of wood 4' tall by 8' long by the length of the cut (16"-17") and picked up at location. Some people call this a rick of wood.  Call, email, or text for delivered price anywhere in the USA.

Firewood purchased from Woodchuck Firewood contains all hardwoods. This means less ash to clean up, longer burn times, less sparking and overall more for your money than softwoods from tree trimmers or native woods from around here. Hardwoods are 16”-18” in length and split about softball size and contain Oak, Ash and Walnut (unless you request otherwise). Custom cuts and and split sizes are available.  Call for a quote. Woodchuck Firewood strives to have the highest quality firewood available at the most competitive prices. 

Mixed Hardwoods: Dense hardwoods have a higher energy content per cord and so release more heat per firebox load. They also produce long-lasting fires and coal beds. 

Mixed Hardwood logs are sold in any dimension you need.  Rick wood is also available.  Buy a trunk load or a trailer load. 




Pictures below are examples only.

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