Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Cord?   4'x4'x8'  For example 3 stacks of wood 4'tall by 8' long by 16" cut is one true cord.  Also 128 cubic feet

What is a Rick?   Rick is not a legal term used by the Federal Weights And Measures. This term RICK is used mostly in the Midwest it signifies the length on the stack of wood, the height of the wood by the length of cut. For example 18" by 8' long by 4' tall can be called a RICK and two of these stacks only equal .75 cord.   

Which is better burning hardwood or softwood?   Burning hardwood gives you a longer burning fire, produces less ash and produces less creosote.  

Can I burn hedge in a fireplace?   It is not recommended to burn hedge (Osage Orange) in a fireplace/insert.  Most inserts are not designed to withstand the heat hedge puts off.

Where is the best place to store firewood?  In a well ventilated covered location.  If you can not store it inside then stack it on the south side of a structure, off the ground and covered. 

Is there tax on firewood?  Yes for residential use for heating in the state of Kansas there is the county tax only.  For example Sedgwick county tax is 1% so just 1% of the total is charged.  If the firewood is used for aesthetic use like in a out door pit or fireplace then state and county taxes need to be charged. 

Delivery or pickup?  Woodchuck Firewood offers a delivery service to help the customers that do not have a truck or would just like us to handle the extra time and effort it takes to deliver.  Delivery fees are extra.