128 oz. CLEAN Citronella Lamp Oil

Simply Pure

$ 29.99

Firefly Citronella Fuel is the quintcombination for a beautiful flame, friendly aroma and flying-insect protection plus extended burn times making this the fuel of choice for all oil lamps. Firefly Citronella Fuel is a pure, clear fuel bottled in our Sarasota, FL plant.

We at Firefly Fuel understand our responsibility to the community to provide a safe product. To avoid the possibility of confusing Firefly Fuels with popular juice drinks, we chose to have clear fuels with no color additives, commercial-style bottles and childproof caps on all of our bottled fuels.

Our Citronella Fuel is a restaurant favorite because of its insect reprellent qualities.

Purchase CLEAN Lamp Oil with citronella in convenient gallon-size containers.

 • CLEAN Citronella Lamp Oil

• Indoor or outdoor use

• Very Economical - Costs Less & Burns Longer than Paraffin

• Smokeless & Sootless

• NEVER MIX FUELS as mixing will change burning characteristics


• Available Pure, with Citronella Oil or Eucalyptus Oil


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