Cherry Logs

Woodchuck Firewood

$ 239.99

Smaller and larger quantities can be order call for that price.
Cherry is a hardwood that produces little smoke. As a fruit tree, it also produces a sweet burning aroma that can be very pleasant on a fall evening. However, it doesn’t burn as well as other hardwoods – it only burns at medium heat, so it’s preferable for a night of mild temperature and weather.

Cherry logs are sold in any amounts.

Price above is based on a stack of wood 4' tall by 8' long by the length of the cut (16"-17").  Some people call this rick wood.  Price is based on picking up at location.  Call, email, or text for delivered price anywhere in the USA.

Smaller or larger amount available Call for pricing

If Product is being delivered there may be additional fees to use a wheelbarrow to go into the backyard of a home and/ or going up or down stairs


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