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Woodchuck Firewood

Pinion Chunks 40lbs box

Pinion Chunks 40lbs box

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Pinion wood is one of the best smelling woods used today for outdoor fire pits, camping and also used in chimineas.  Pinion wood repels mosquitoes for those outdoor gatherings.  Also sold in pinion logs.  Pinon wood is a dense, slow growing hardwood pine that produces a smoky pine fragrance that adds a great aroma to any occasion.

Pinion Chunks are in bags for pickup customers.  3”-8" chunks

Shipped in a 40lbs box and is approximently 2 cubic feet.

If you would like to provide your own shipping label please select pickup at store option and email the label to andy@woodchuckfirewood.Com   We will ship your box or boxes for the cost of the product only.

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